What I use on my journey - Equipment


Fender Jazz Bass (1973)

Fender Precision Bass (1975) 

Sire V7 2nd generation

Squier Classic Vibe ´60s Precision Bass

Squier Classic Vibe ´60s Jazz Bass

Höfner Beatles Bass

Sterling Ray35

Warwick Alien Deluxe Acoustic Bass

Kala U-Bass



D´Addario ProSteels 045 - 105

D´Addario Chromes 045 - 100

D´Addario Nickel Wound 045 - 135

Thomastik Infeld Jazz Flatwounds

Warwick Acoustic Bass strings


Amps / Speakers:

MarkBass LittleMarcus 1000

MarkBass 102 Marcus Miller

TC Electronic BH 250

Eden The Traveler WT-300 (recording)

Eden Traveler 550

Ampeg SVT-II Pro Premiere Edition

Ampeg SVT 810E

Hartke 112 HyDrive 

Eden 410XST4 


Effects / Stompboxes:

EBS MicroBass II

EBS MultiComp

Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp

Ampeg Scrambler

Source Audio Manta Bass Filter

Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distortion

Source Audio Gemini Chorus

Source Audio Nemesis Delay

Source Audio Dimension Reverb

Source Audio Hot Hand Controller

Source Audio Soleman MIDI Controller

DOD FX25B Envelope Filter

Ibanez PD7 Bass Distortion

MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

DigiTech BassSynth Wah

TC Electronic Polytune Mini

TC Electronic DittoX4 looper

TC Electronic Sub´ n Up

Additional Hardware:

Bassmute by Ellio Martina Guitars 

EMG GZR pickup

Leo Quann Badass II high mass bridge

(watch my video reviews at "Tech Talk / Reviews")


Shure PSM 300 Premium with P3RA receiver

Shure SE215 headphones with custom otoplasty by                                    "Neusehland"


Many more videos (containing style, technique and sound examples) are available on my YouTube channel. The link can be found in the link list here on my page. Check it out!

Pics - playing my basses for you: